Women’s Wealth Plan

It’s a fact, women live longer than men.

At Accelerated Wealth, we understand the unique set of challenges women face that threaten their financial security. Not only do they live longer than men, but they will most likely spend more money on healthcare and medical expenses. 7 in 10 women will need some form of costly long term care and as a result, they run the higher risk of running out of money in retirement.

When we design a 5 Point Women’s Wealth Plan, we outline strategies that will help make the most out of every dollar women have saved for retirement. If you’re married, single, divorced or widowed, find out how our Women’s Plan assists in preparing for:

  1. Lasting Income in Retirement
  2. Rising Inflation
  3. Replacing income if a spouse passes away
  4. Emergency Cash Reserve
  5. Long Term Care

Did you know that 70% of women leave their advisors within a year of their husband’s death?

Men, because 90% of women will be in charge of their financial planning at one point in their life, it is critical to find a trusted Financial Advisor that is on the same page with you and your spouse. You have to make sure that your advisor:

  1. Is trustworthy
  2. Is respectful to both of you and doesn’t talk down to your spouse
  3. Shows you where your income will come from in retirement
  4. Has a plan to protect your money from losses
  5. Has a strategy to know how much money your spouse will have in the event of your passing
  6. Has your spouse’s best interest at all times

It is critical to have a strategy that encompasses these things as they do not happen by chance. At Accelerated Wealth, our Financial Advisors can help formulate a Women’s Wealth Plan to take care of you or the woman you love.

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