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Retirement Income, Accelerated Wealth, Financial Help

The Accumulation Phase

The first phase requires a strategy that will put you in a place which maximizes everything you earn in your working years to prepare for retirement as well as your legacy. The focus during this phase is growth.

Retirement Income, Accelerated Wealth, Financial Help

The Retirement Hazard Zone Phase TM

This phase requires a much different strategy from the Accumulation Phase because your time horizon to retirement is much shorter and thus you must protect your nest egg while still achieving growth for the future. We find the biggest mistakes folks make with their financial decisions are in this stage, and typically the biggest mistake is inaction.

Retirement Income, Accelerated Wealth, Financial Help

The Income Phase

The third phase is where you are no longer earning but actually living off what you have saved. This phase requires a completely different strategy than the previous two in order to make sure your wealth lasts as long as you do.

Retirement Strategies

You might be used to walking into the typical financial advisors office, being asked about your current assets and portfolio; and one of the first questions they might ask goes a little something like this: “So, tell me about your risk tolerance.” We strongly feel that this conversation needs to look very different.

Accelerated Wealth® strategists start with very different questions, and take a new approach to building client financial plans. As wealth strategists, our job is to help our clients identify the areas where they are UNKNOWINGLY and UNNECESSARILY transferring their hard-earned wealth to others, and to plug those holes.

There are three main areas that this occurs:

  • Taxes
  • Debt
  • Losses and Fees in the Stock Market

Instead of asking what your risk tolerance is, which is another way of asking, “how much money can you afford to lose?” we start by understanding:

  • Who you are
  • What your dreams are
  • What is keeping you awake at night
  • What stage of life you are in

We call this concept, life-stage financial planning. We begin to structure financial plans based on one of three phases of life:

We believe the #1 fear in America today is running out of money. We make sure our clients are informed and empowered, and have plans to ensure they don’t have to worry during their golden years. We will work alongside you to build a plan that allows you “to know so,” instead of “hoping so.”

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