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We exist to empower our clients to make sound decisions that lead to financial health and retirement confidence in the midst of an uncertain world.

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  • Gregory Lozon
    Gregory Lozon
    Executive Director
  • Raymond Backers
    Raymond Backers
    Investment Advisor Representative

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What Does Forbes Say About Your Retirement?

Forbes-500-logoWhile most financial companies are offering a pie chart allocation method along with a revisit to the old buy-and-hold strategy, Accelerated Wealth is taking a bold, fresh look at solving the financial picture of its clients. The first question that should be asked is not, “What is your risk tolerance?” but instead, “Where are the areas where you are transferring your wealth, knowingly or unknowingly, to others?” Read More »

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Gregory Lozon
Executive Director

Gregory Lozon joined Accelerated Wealth with a distinguished career as a leader and innovator. After serving our country in the US Air Force, Gregory excelled in law enforcement in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Always carrying a passion for cars and financing, Gregory began selling cars and worked his way to general manager of several large area dealerships. After 15 successful years in sales and management, Gregory narrowed his focus in 2002 into the finance and insurance arena. He began showing auto dealership owners how to increase profits using creative, yet relatively unknown financing and insurance strategies. These strategies eventually led Gregory to Accelerated Wealth.

Gregory has spent the last several years studying, introducing, educating and training clients and other professionals throughout the country on financial strategies. Gregory now focuses on educating and helping clients in Michigan from his offices in Sterling Heights and Saint Clair. He sees his role with Accelerated Wealth as the culmination of his lifelong desire to help individuals and business owners create systematic financial certainty throughout their lives.

Gregory is a native of Detroit where he has always taken pride in helping his community. Gregory is currently active in numerous civic activities and holds leadership positions in several fraternal organizations. Gregory and his wife Diane are proud parents of their five children, eight grandchildren and their Chocolate Labrador Maggie.


Raymond Backers
Investment Advisor Representative

Raymond has guided his clients to make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, lower their taxes, increase their estate size and find money falling through the cracks in their planning so they could re-direct those dollars to things they care about. Raymond is a lifelong resident of the Metro-Detroit area. He acquired a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and is a licensed investment advisor coupled with insurance licensing. Raymond is married to his sweet and ever so patient wife, Amanda and they are blessed with two children: Blake and Emily.

Raymond previously held roles of leadership in the Hospitality industry, overseeing a 2.3-million-dollar operation for several years. Working in the industry was a wonderful experience which sharpened his business skills. He was very passionate about being an Executive Chef teaching staff and customers about the food industry, but his goal early in life was to transition into financial services. Raymond has now helped hundreds of people build wealth and create financial peace of mind for their future.

What he has discovered is most investors don’t have a process to help them identify the critical information they need to make a sound investment decision. They don’t have a process, a checklist or a set of questions to quantify hidden fees, taxes, or risk issues. Most investors are forced to make decisions based upon a myth, a misconception or emotion. That is what makes Raymond different, his mission is to give his clients a process that identifies the critical “must know” information they need to make sound investment decisions based on facts and logic not emotion. Do you know what questions to ask? Have you quantified hidden fees, taxes, or risk issues?

If you find out there are flaws or missing information in your decision-making process you will quickly realize where money is falling through the cracks in your current planning, thus helping you make more informed financial decisions.

Raymond’s 3-step review helps you discover if your current strategies match up with your future plans. This process helps you create a sound plan based on facts and logic not emotion and opinions.

Learn About Raymond’s 3-Step Review Process »

Raymond Backers