Income Planning

Making sure your assets can generate the retirement income stream you need today and keep up with the rising cost of living that inflation pressures can exert requires expert planning.

Helping you plan your retirement income in the most tax efficient manner to meet your desires involves a well thought out strategy.

A strategy to control which income streams you utilize in positive and negative market conditions is essential if your retirement savings is to last. Do you have control? Benefits and pensions, like Social Security can change and be affected dramatically by inflation or loss of a spouse. Others like distributions from your retirement investment accounts or annuities require specific decisions as to when and how much you should take out. How and when to take your retirement income and from which accounts in diverse market conditions, requires a strategy and know how.

During our 3-Step Review, Accelerated Wealth will evaluate your special needs concerning risk of assets, liquidity needs for emergencies and other out of the ordinary expenses and make sure you have a plan to deal with the expected and the unexpected. Hope is not a strategy, but a carefully crafted plan to take in account possible changes in your income needs is essential in a true strategy. At Accelerated Wealth, this is paramount.

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