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We exist to empower our clients to make sound decisions that lead to financial health and retirement confidence in the midst of an uncertain world.

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  • Todd Avery
    Todd Avery
    Executive Director & Financial Advisor

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Douglas Hawkins Investment, LLC d/b/a Accelerated Wealth Advisors is a Kentucky State registered investment advisory company. Accelerated Wealth Advisors is a fee-based and commission-based investment advisory company. Accelerated Wealth Advisors does not offer tax or legal advice. All securities and advisory services for investment accounts are offered through Accelerated Wealth Advisors.

Douglas Hawkins Investment, LLC is a fee-based and commission-based investment advisory company. Douglas Hawkins Investment, LLC does not offer tax or legal advice. Advisory products and services offered through Douglas Hawkins Investment, LLC. Certain client accounts may be sub-advised by Accelerated Wealth Advisors, LLC, a state registered investment advisor. Douglas Hawkins Investment, LLC and Accelerated Wealth Advisors, LLC are separate entities and not under common control or ownership.

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Todd Avery
Executive Director & Financial Advisor

Michael “Todd” Avery began his career in the financial industry in 1994 as a Mortgage Banker in Goldsboro, NC. He worked for various companies and climbed several corporate ladders over the next eight years, being led by the work ethic he had acquired as a farm boy on the North Carolina tobacco farms. In 2002, Todd became the Chief Operations Officer for a national mortgage lender based in Northern Virginia named Carteret Mortgage Corporation. As COO for Carteret Mortgage Corp., Todd helped them grow quickly and effectively to the top of the mortgage industry. 

With Todd at the helm of operations, in 2003, Thompson Financial ranked Carteret Mortgage as the largest privately owned mortgage company in America. Carteret originated over 7 billion dollars of mortgage loans and employed over 2400 full and part time reps in the field in 49 states of the US.

During Todd’s tenure as COO of Carteret Mortgage Corp., Todd was also asked to serve on the Advisory Board for the Freddie Mac Foundation’s Loan Prospector Division. After leaving the mortgage business, Todd thrived in other areas of Financial Services. Among his industry achievements are being recognized in Success Magazine as a top provider of debt solutions through United First Financial and following that, of becoming a top provider of Infinite Banking Plans, a concept designed to use the time tested provisions of cash value life insurance policies as a means of building family wealth. Todd now brings this collection of industry experience to his investment and financial planning clients. As a series 65 licensed INVESTMENT ADVISOR REPRESENTATIVE Todd is the co-principal of the firm Douglas Hawkins, LLC, a state REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISORY FIRM.