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We exist to empower our clients to make sound decisions that lead to financial health and retirement confidence in the midst of an uncertain world.

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Dustin has relocated to Colorado Springs but comes to Fort Collins by appointment only. Please call 970-215-8055 or contact us today if you’d like to make an appointment!

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  • Dustin West
    Dustin West
    Financial Advisor

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We offer seminars in both small and large group settings. Please call 970-215-8055 for available dates and locations near you.

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Dustin West
Financial Advisor

Dustin’s passion is helping people experience financial freedom. He takes great pride in actively listening to clients to understand their issues, concerns, and goals to customize a thorough retirement plan.

People often lack a checklist or process to ask the right questions before they make important decisions with their money. Dustin takes the time to walk each person through a customized process to ensure they are making decisions based on sound logic and facts and NOT misconceptions, myths, or emotion. He is an expert in retirement and income planning, social security, life insurance, and legacy planning.

Dustin, and his wife Toni, live in Colorado Springs with their two children. He enjoys spending as much time outside with his family as possible. He also enjoys golf, working out, basketball, and fly-fishing.

He and his wife are involved with their home church, New Life Church, which actively serves the community with many ministries. Dustin and Toni’s primary passion is the fight against sex-trafficking locally and world-wide.

To schedule a consultation with Dustin, email or call 719-466-5639.