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Gregg has a passion for helping clients achieve the life of their dreams. As Chief Investment Officer at Accelerated Wealth, he uses his knowledge and experience to build active investment strategies that fit into the firm’s overall mission to help clients achieve long term financial health. He was introduced to the financial markets early in his career while helping an Internet company through the process of going public. The desire to learn more about how markets work led to him to becoming a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch. The financial industry’s traditional investment approach and lack of effective risk management led him to develop investment solutions that could reduce risk while providing the returns needed for clients to achieve the life they desired.

In 2007, Gregg founded WealthPoint Group in order to provide investors with a suite of services to help them continue to live a wealthy lifestyle during retirement. Gregg is also a sought after instructor for an international trading and investing education company. He enjoys sharing his insight and has taught over 7,000 students worldwide since 2009 in both the classroom and online. Gregg and his wife Mary Beth live outside of Pittsburgh, PA with their two children.


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