Accelerated Wealth Colorado-Springs Webinar

Financial Survival in Retirement

Two-Part Series

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Part One


Tax Reduction Strategies

How to prevent getting taxed on money you don’t have
How to reduce taxes on Social Security Income
How to maximize your money in the future with a Roth Rollout Strategy
Are you holding the wrong investments outside of your IRA/401k?
How your heirs can multiply the value of their inheritance from you
How to reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes on the sale of highly appreciated assets
How to plan for when you will be forced to withdraw from your IRAs
How to maximize your required minimum distributions and preserve your IRA account value

Protecting from a Catastrophic Illness

Ways to pay for long term care needs
Use out-of-favor assets to provide for long term care for pennies on the dollar
How the middle-class can use Medicaid Planning to protect their life’s savings from Medicaid spend-down
What will health care cost during my retirement?

Estate Planning Overview

Four legal documents Every Retiree Must Have
Common Estate Plan Failures

Topic Time Stamps

  • Life Stage Financial Planning- 15:31
  • Taxes in Retirement, Risky Assets, IRA VS. NON Q – 23:20
  • Income Taxes- 38:52
  • Tax Harvesting Opportunity- 52:53
  • Roth Rollout Vs. Conversion and Tax Harvesting Solutions- 55:59
  • Capital Gains Strategies- 1:07:15
  • Required Minimum Distributions- 1:11:28
  • Long- Term Care- 1:26:57
  • Legacy and Estate Planning- 1:47:00

Part Two


Protection from Investment Mistakes

Life Stage Financial Planning
Six retirement killers
The math of losses
The average rate of return myth
The failure of traditional diversification
Investment fees and charges
Are bonds the safe part of your portfolio?
How much can I withdraw annually from my portfolio?
What is a sequence of returns and how can it wreck my retirement plan?
Can unstable assets produce stable, lifetime income?
The power of adaptive distribution
Retirement defense portfolio – asset class & strategy diversification
Five baskets solution – diversification based on purpose
Annuities – What are they and how do they fit?

Income Planning for Retirement

Putting it all together
Finding your guaranteed income
Optimizing social security
Understanding your retirement cash flow needs
Finding your shortfall
Loss of spouse / loss of income / increased taxes

Topic Time Stamps

  • 5 Basket Strategy- 13:33
  • What Does the Market Actually Return Annually? – 24:05
  • 8 Retirement Killers- 30:02
  • Asset Allocation Model- 34:10
  • Fees- Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities- 40:14
  • Bonds-50:07
  • Annuities- 54:53
  • Real Estate 1:05:00
  • A tale of two brothers- Sequence of Returns- 1:05:40
  • A Tale of Two Brothers 1:07:50
  • Unstable Assets Cannot Produce Stable Income- 1:13:00
  • 4% Rule- 1:17:06
  • Retirement Defense Portfolio- 1:20:26
  • Optimizing Social Security- 1:26:14
  • Income Planning Workshop- 1:28:33
  • Pension Rescue Plan- 1:47:28

Meet the Presenters

Accelerated Wealth, Colorado Springs, Chris Abeyta

Chris Abeyta

Based in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, Chris is one of the owners who helped launch Accelerated Wealth, LLC, a nationwide wealth strategy firm, and is one of the original creators of the Accelerated Wealth Five Basket Strategy ™.

Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall joined the Accelerated Wealth team in January of 2017. As a retired United States Air Force Officer, he has a passion to help active duty and retired military members of all ages. Ryan brings with him over 20 years of leadership and management experience and loves to help people get their financial plans in order.

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