Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) Strategies

Do you have IRAS, 401Ks or other retirement accounts and are you approaching 70 ½ where you have to start taking required minimum distributions? If so, the volatility of your accounts increases because you are:

  1. Forced to take money out (Required Minimum Distributions)
  2. The stock market drops while you’re taking money out
  3. You have high fee accounts

These factors can lead to triple depletion. Triple depletion is where you have three driving forces that are working to diminish your account. Oftentimes people with these accounts have common goals for these retirement accounts. They want to:

  1. Preserve their money
  2. Preserve their money in case their spouse needs income
  3. Leave the money to their heirs

You should have a strategy to do these things as they do not happen by chance. At Accelerated Wealth we can help you formulate your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) strategy.

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