Accelerated Business StrategiesTM

One of our deepest desires at Accelerated Wealth®, is to come alongside our business owner clients to build comprehensive financial structures that may cut taxes up to 35%, may cut health care spending in half, and help to protect employee benefit plans from losses and fees, thus potentially protecting the business owner from lawsuits. This paradigm shift can allow our business owner clients to explore growth strategies, perhaps purchase office space, buy out competition, or explore a new market they have wanted to tap into.

  • Creating tax mitigation strategies specifically designed with the small business owner in mind
  • Freeing up our small business owner clients from having to manage and learn complicated group health plans
  • Bolstering employee benefits in such a way to create passionate employees, that approach their jobs like owners
  • Efficiently building healthy cultures, where the lines of communication are fruitful
  • Ensuring company vision, mission, and values are in line with the DNA of the organization

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